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Gaelforce Great Fjord Swim
Leenane Co. Galway

26 September 2020

Open water swimming event beneath the shadow of the Connaught's highest mountain, in the waters of the Killary Fjord. Three distances to choose from: 3.9km, 2km and 750m.

3.9KM (Full Ironman distance)Route:

For experienced swimmers who want to test themselves in a unique setting.

Wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers welcome.

2KM Route:

They will bring you to the start line in a catamaran then you jump out and swim to shore. Now that is real open water swimming in Ireland!

Wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers welcome.

750M Route:

Hitch a lift with a fishing trawler to Co. Mayo and swim back to Co. Galway!

Wetsuits must be worn.


Expert kayakers and safety boats will be with you all the way.

Tow-floats must be worn by all competitors - No competitor will be allowed in the water without a tow-float so ensure you order one at registration or bring your own. No exceptions will be made.

Part of the Global Swim Series.

Event details
Killary Adventure Co
26 September 2020
Start 09:00
End 15:00
Prices range from €35 to €60