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Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience and Restaurant
New Ross Co. Wexford
Explore the replica emigrant vessel both above and below deck. Listen to real life stories as costumed performers set the scene for the arduous journeys taken by so many during the Great Irish Famine.

As you enter the inland port of New Ross on the River Barrow, you will immediately be drawn to the sight of the Tall Ship, Dunbrody, towering over the quayside.

Stepping back in time visitors make their way towards the Quay in New Ross circa 1846. Approaching the ticket office, visual presentations will set the scene of a county in crisis. On board the ship, your tour guide will reveal the realities of life on the notorious “coffin ships”. Hear the stories of Mrs. White and Mrs. O’ Brien, costumed actors who give a true and chilling account of day to day life on board.

Exit the ship onto the Savannah landing point one of the port destinations for Dunbrody and learn about life in Savannah in the 1800’s and finally exit through the Irish America Hall of Fame exhibition celebrating the success stories of the Irish in America, such as the Kennedy story.